12:00 p.m. Korin Sutton

Where Is the Protein Being Vegan?

Korin Sutton:
“Where do you get the Protein? I get asked that question every single day especially as a personal trainer and pro bodybuilder. A lot of people are misguided on
protein and where you can get it from. There are so many different sources of protein you can retrieve without harming a single soul. The Earth has all the nutrition we need to survive and become extremely strong and healthy individuals. We do not have to filter out nutrients through another species because we can get all the nutrients we need from the earth. Another misconception especially for most individuals that workout “I will lose my muscle mass”. I tell most of my clients that yes you will lose some muscle mass but, the muscle that you have is not natural. Most animal proteins are highly filled with GMO’s and steroids. Even if you get organic beef or chicken the animals are still feed with GMO soy and corn. I myself used to weight 220 pounds and I was considered somewhat healthy carrying about 18% body fat. The difference now is that I’m cleaner, less sluggish, more cut, and my mental clarity is ridiculous. My energy levels are always high, my libido increased a lot, and I’m actually 10x stronger in the gym when I workout. I’m currently 181 lbs and I hold about 4 percent body fat. Being vegan has so many health benefits, if you would like to know more about being on a plant based diet, or learn how to live a healthier lifestyle for ones who are not ready to give up animal protein all together I’m here to help!”

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1:00 p.m. Jenna Bardroff, Kevin Layton, Brian Brown

A Beautiful You Can Create A Beautiful World

Jenna, Kevin, and Brian are representatives of Solutionary Species, a growing educational movement committed to creating a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable world. A solutionary thinks holistically and conscientiously about solutions for animals, the environment, and people.

Being vegetarian by personal choice since the age of 5, Jenna has always been motivated by the reward of making the world a more compassionate place. At 14 years old, Jenna initiated her first animal education program at a unique sanctuary, the same year she began college and adopted a 100% vegan lifestyle. She has a B.S. degree in Integrative Biology, a Master of Arts degree in Humane Education, and has spent over 10 years researching the solutions to and consequences of problematic cultural eating behaviors.

Kevin is a master automotive collision repair technician and uses critical thinking skills each and every day to solve problems. He is a perfect example of how anyone can be a solutionary, regardless of their experiences, career orientation, etc. All his life, Kevin has enjoyed spending time in nature and has developed a responsibility to speak out for environmental protection.

A highly ambitious and inspiring individual, Brian has a strong passion for music, writing, learning, traveling, and being a solutionary. Brian adopted a position as the entertainment director for the non-profit organization Solutionary Events and has dedicated his time to being a full-time volunteer for the organization, along with working full-time as a real estate economist. In 2018, Brian plans to travel the world, embracing a minimalist lifestyle for a year. Brian is a creative and vital asset to the vision and goals for Solutionary Species, and he plans to continue to contribute throughout his journey.

Kevin, Jenna, and Brian are known as an unstoppable rock climbing, humane educating, nature loving, vegan power team. They continue their pursuit to transform humans from a problematic species to a solutionary species, a species empowered by the desire and responsibility to find solutions for people, animals, and the environment.